Cafe bar Top gear

High quality and modernly decorated cafe and club with the Top Gear theme of the famous show.

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Mato Lovrak Cultural Center

A long time ago, in 1931th an exciting story is told about a train in the snow that still arouses everyone's imagination. But sometimes stories turn into reality, so all of a sudden we become part of it. So can you become part of an unforgettable adventure at the Mato Lovrak Center, and make your dreams come true.

In the Center, you can see a steam locomotive with wagons dug by children in the novel "Train in the Snow (Vlak u snijegu)" an identical mill restored by the Pero Kvrzica and friends, a well in which Medo failed, a traditional miller's house, a canopy with a summer classroom, a children's playground, and a waterfront promenade with benches.

In the immediate vicinity, through the forest that surrounds the Center on one side, is the Nature Friends Trail where you can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Greater Rhodes region and see an otter and a colony of beavers living not far from the mill of Pero Kvrzica.

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Bazeni Veliki Grđevac

Sports and recreation center Veliki Grđevac consists of a 25-meter deep pool, a shallow pool for children with two mushrooms and a hot tub with medicinal water.

The swimming pools are made to the highest standards, equipped with modern technological equipment and lined with quality pool ceramics. The swimming pool is, apart from the pool technique for water treatment, equipped with underwater lighting and ladders to enter the pool. Next to the swimming pool is a chair with an elevator for the entry and exit of hard-moving swimmers. The children's pool also has underwater lighting and also water attractions the so-called. "Mushroom" and "dandelion". The massage pool also has underwater lighting, air conditioning, and a water-air massage station.

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Daruvarske toplice

In Roman spas, Turkish Illys and public spa, from the very beginning, the baths of Daruvar Spa have been aware that this place is a boon to nature. Tourism has been developed thanks to the preserved environment and the optimal combination of natural factors and state-of-the-art procedures in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, medical rehabilitation and sports recreation. In this spa town, of the ancient name "Aquae Balissae", the first captives of the spring are medicinal the waters were edited in 288 BC, with an average temperature of 46.7 degrees Celsius.

Due to its natural benefits, Daruvar develops a special form of health tourism. Daruvar spas are specializing in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, conducting medical rehabilitation, recreation and health tourism, and have a long tradition of healing using naturally occurring factors - thermal water and mineral mud.

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Away from major traffic routes, with ideal habitats for all game species, Bjelovar-Bilogora County is today one of the leading counties in hunting tourism. On 225,912 ha of hunting grounds, 44 common hunting grounds and 14 state hunting grounds were established, of which 2 ("Pisanička Bilogora" and "Zabljacki" lug-Česma ") entrusted with the management of the Croatian Forests - Bjelovar Forest Administration. Other hunting grounds are managed by hunters 'associations and private hunters' associations affiliated with the County Hunting Federation.

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